Temizlik Rutinimiz

Our Cleaning Routine

We take many precautions to protect the health of hotel staff and hotel guests. However, the first and most important of these is 'Hygiene'.

The use of hotel rooms by many different people increases the importance of room cleaning and disinfection, especially during epidemic processes.

We wanted to share with you the cleaning steps we have implemented both in order to reduce the effects of the epidemic and to create hygienic usage areas for our Tuzla Town guests with peace of mind. If you're ready, we'll start.

Electric vending machines, which we come into contact with many times every day, are one of the areas that need to be disinfected frequently. These vending machines, which many people have to touch more than once during the day, are frequently cleaned with special disinfectants.
Door handles, where contact is frequent, are one of the surfaces of the room that need to be cleaned most carefully. Door handles also need to be cleaned frequently and carefully.
The toilet bowl, shower cabin, walls and similar areas in the bathroom need to be cleaned carefully.
Apart from routine cleaning of air conditioning panels, we pay attention to cleaning more frequently and carefully during epidemic periods.
Attention is paid to the cleanliness of the phones, remote controls and bedside clocks in the room, and small details should not be forgotten.
Bed linen, linens, sheets and pillowcases are changed daily.
We also pay attention to the cleaning of hard surfaces such as tables, consoles, nightstands, chairs and cabinets.
Shoe racks and coat racks are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
We take care to clean and renew the inside of the minibar surface and the food and beverages inside it frequently.
The constant renewal and cleaning of equipment such as water, water glasses and kettles is also not forgotten. It is often cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning materials at high temperatures and offered to your use.

As long as you stay in our hotel, we offer all the facilities to make you feel at home and to relax in a clean environment.

In this way, we aim to make you happy by creating spaces where you will collect unforgettable memories during your stay at our hotel.